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Borrego Springs, CA

This is the best kept secret for Desert Golf - Where the rich and famous sneak away to avoid the crowds of Palm Springs and Las Vegas.


Borrego Springs Overview– from a golfers perspective: The best kept secret in Southern California golf is located in Borrego Springs. Approximately 70 miles from San Diego and Temecula is Rams Hill Golf Club in Borrego Springs. This is the elusive lost treasure that most traveling golfers will search their whole life for but will never have the chance to experience for themselves.

Now treasures can come in many forms, but for a golfer a treasure would be considered a World Class Tom Fazio designed championship course kept in pristine condition that no one else knew about.

The reviews of Rams Hill by the Golf Advisor say: “Visually stunning, perfect fairway lies, bunkers with actual sand and greens that are exceptionally true, but really fast. I will go back often, and recommend to all.”

Greenskeeper.org adds, “The course is phenomenal.” “Everything was perfect. Greens are pure, no ball marks whatsoever. Fairways like carpet. Traps nice and fluffy without being too soft.”

Rams Hill Golf Club is surrounded by the breath taking Anza–Borrego Desert State Park which allows you to feel the tranquility and elation of being in your own private golf oasis. Every hole on the course is more beautiful and enticing than the one before.

The beautiful gated community of Rams Hill, although hidden on most holes, gives the feel of opulence and posterity as you relax between practice swings to size up your next shot and enjoy your cool beverage.

If you could imagine playing the best championship course in the world, in the middle of the most beautiful desert landscape you can envision, it still would not compare to the experience Rams Hill Golf Club will give anyone who is lucky enough to find it.

Most people would expect this type of golf experience to be crowded and expensive, but it’s not. In fact you can play a round on a Saturday morning and feel as if you and your foursome are the only people on the whole course.

Rams Hill Golf Club offers a world class golf experience for your family or group at a reasonable price without the crowds and lines in the heart of a majestic desert landscape.

If you want to play a Championship Top Rated Tom Fazio Golf Course like you owned the course yourself this is the once in a lifetime golf experience you have been searching for.

Area Special Features: Borrego Springs offers an array of scenery and adventure to the fortunate travelers who are looking for a place to discover the beauty and wonder of the largest state park in California. The amazing 600,000 acre state park with its 12 scenic wilderness areas and hundreds of miles of hiking and off–roading trails allows visitors to experience the wonders and the beauty of this California desert treasure.

It’s recommended that travelers spend at least one night in Borrego Springs to experience California’s one and only Dark Sky Community. This feature allows for the most brilliant, clear opportunity for star gazers and astronomy enthusiasts alike to get lost in the vast and brilliant night sky that is our solar system. It’s easy to relax and sit for hours pondering the best view the universe has to offer. It’s truly an unforgettable experience that every man, woman and child who sees it will remember for years.

As you are driving to the town of Borrego Springs you are sure to notice the life sized prehistoric beasts lining the desert roads. These life–like creations which will make you do a double take if you aren’t prepared to see mammoths, raptors and dinosaurs in their natural habitat. They are the creative works of famed metal sculptor Ricardo Breceda and alone are worth the trip.

Borrego Springs also boasts a thriving art community. There are numerous galleries with works by local and renowned artists, open air painting events on any given weekend and the prestigious Circle of Art Show in the spring.

With its fine dining, wine tasting, spas and local art it is also a place where you can catch a glimpse of A–list celebrities and athletes on any given weekend. Borrego Springs is the secret destination where the rich and famous sneak away to avoid the crowds of Palm Springs and Las Vegas.

Because of its incredible and unique landscape it has also been the host to many Hollywood Productions over the years including Bugsy, The Scorpion King and the X–Files to name a few. It was also the secret hideaway for big screen legends like John Wayne, Bing Crosby, Marilyn Monroe and many others who looked to enjoy their private lives in anonymity when possible.

Golf Course Suggestions: Rams Hill Golf Club is the masterpiece and the main reason to come play golf in Borrego Springs. Although Rams Hills is the hidden golf treasure in Borrego Springs, there are other beautiful courses as well.

At the Borrego Springs Resort they have the Desert Willow and Mesquite courses. De Anza Country Club offers another beautiful course designed by Lawrwnce Hughes, and The Road Runner Club and The Springs offer some great executive courses to work on your short game or to play with your children if they are along for the trip.

Overall Borrego Springs offers an abundance of golf experiences for the young, the old the beginner and the pro. When you do come to play make sure your first round is at Rams Hill. It’s the once in a lifetime golf experience you will never forget.

Cost: In season... from November to March the price for golf and amenities is very reasonable and offers the most affordable options for the quality of courses and the overall golf experience in all of Southern California.

Best time to Go: Although the temperatures can reach into the triple digits in the summer months, there is really never a bad time to visit Borrego Springs. In season, October through April, the temperature is always perfect. The desert is in full bloom allowing the outdoor enthusiast to return to nature. The town is alive with wine tasting and art exhibits. Borrego Springs the perfect place to escape the frigid winter temperatures and explore the wonders the Anza Borrego State Park has to offer. In the hotter summer months it’s fantastic opportunity to feel the hot desert climate and truly feel unbothered, alone and one with nature.

Best value: Year around... For the golf experience that Rams Hill has to offer the prices are unbelievable, and you will always find a great value for your money. The stay and play packages, fine dining, wine tasting and art exhibits make Borrego Springs a great value October through April. In the summer months it is a very affordable weekend option for anyone wanting to get away from urban society and relax unbothered by the outside world.

Weather Recap: The town of Borrego Springs is located on the floor of the Borrego Valley. This is the westernmost extent of the Sonoran Desert. Borrego averages 6.18 inches of rain per year. The temperature is 72.7° and there are 345 sunny days per year on average. The temperatures are warm, humidity is low, and the sky is a clear deep blue.  The town of Borrego Springs elevation 597 feet and the highest point of the nearby Santa Rosa Mountains is over 6,400 feet above, providing beautiful afternoon and evening shade to the Borrego Valley and a picturesque mountain view.

Winter Months... December, January, and February provide perfect and sunny conditions. It’s consistently warm and perfect weather for golf. These are the months where you will find the most rain fall and that’s still very little. The combined the average is about 1.0 inch and this is limited to brief showers mostly in the evenings. The average highs are in the low 70°F range and the average lows are in the mid to high 40°F range. Shorts and a golf shirt are perfect in the day and a light sweater in the evening. The weather is perfect!

Spring Months...March, April, May the weather during this time of year is gorgeous and almost always sunny. March has brilliant sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures with highs in the mid 80°F range as and low 54°F range and with very little rainfall. In fact, rainfall in March is usually less than 1/2 of one inch of rain total for the entire month. April is characterized by bright sunshine, warm and dry air, and daily high temps in the mid to high 80°F range. May the temps start to creep into the 90°F range and the lows in the mid 60°F range.

Summer Months...June, July and August – These are the hottest months and of the year with the average highs are in the low 100°F range and the average lows in the low to mid 70°F range. On average, the warmest month is July. Breezes from in the late afternoon help to moderate the temperature. The rain fall is almost non–existent with a combined total average of less the 1/2 of one inch. It’s hot but dry with nearly zero humidity.

Fall Months...September, October, and November seem to cool down slightly with bright sunshine and clear blue skies with a few days where the high temps are in the low 100°F range. The low temps in the mid to high 70°F range then dipping to the low 50°F range in November. Rain fall is minimal for these months as well.

Average high and low temps:
January 70°F–48°F
February 73°F–50°F
March 80°F–55°F
April 87°F–60°F
May 95°F–68°F
June 103°F–74°F
July 108°F–82°F
August 107°F–81°F
September 101°F–77°F
October 91°F–67°F
November 77°F–54°F
December 68°F–47°F

Note: Times are representative of the 1st of each month and exact date data should be researched further.
Month Sun Rise Sun Set
January 0749 1749
February 0741 1817
March 0714 1842
April 0633 1906
May 0558 1928
June 0537 1950
July 0540 1959
August 0558 1945
September 0620 1911
October 0640 1830
November 0704 1754
December 0731 1738

Note: Above times are representative of the 1st of each month and exact date data should be researched further. Info from USNO sunrise/sunset times for Borrego Springs U.S. Naval Observatory Washington, DC 20392–5420.

How to get to Borrego Springs By Air... By Air you can fly into Lindberg Field, (SAN), Los Angeles International, (LAX), John Wayne Airport, (SNA), Ontario, (ONT) or Palomar Airport, (CLD) and call the Rams Hill concierge to arrange air shuttle, Limo, or helicopter service into Borrego Springs Airport.

Driving directions: If you plan on driving you are in for a treat. The drive into Borrego Springs was given an award for the most scenic route, and has been called on of America’s Top Drives. From the east or west via Highways S22 and 78. From the coast, these highways descend from the heights of the majestic mountain crest with spectacular views of the great bowl of the Colorado Desert. Highway S2 enters the park from the south off of Interstate 8.From San Diego via Highways 79 and 78 have the added pleasure of driving through the mountainous Cuyamaca Rancho State Park––quite a different experience from Anza–Borrego. The highways from the east climb to 2,400 feet or so and then descend about 2,000 feet to the valley. Where the highway breaks out of the high–country vegetation, it reveals the great bowl of the Anza–Borrego desert. The valley spreads below, and there are mountains all around. The highest are to the north––the Santa Rosa Mountains. The mountains are a wilderness, with no paved roads in or out or through. They have the only all–year–flowing watercourse in the park. They are the home of the peninsular bighorn sheep, often called desert bighorn and the name sake of Rams Hill. If you are fortunate on your drive in or out of the desert you may catch a glimpse of one perched on a boulder above.

Night Life in Borrego Springs: With the Santa Rosa Mountains towering to the Northwest and the Dark Night Sky above, the Rams Hill patio is perched high above the desert floor. There is simply no better place in the world to enjoy dinner and a sunset with the stars.

The Rams Hill Clubhouse features an incredible wine list, great food and extraordinary al fresco dining from your own private hillside dining terrace. It’s a perfect place to celebrate a big occasion with your group or a special place for a romantic evening with that important person in your life.

Rams Hill has four different dining areas to choose from, The Yacht Club, The Santa Rosa Room, The Patios and the Private Hillside dining areas where you can enjoy the incredible views of the lakes, fairways and the snowcapped Santa Rosa Mountains in the winter months.

One reason why Borrego Springs is so different from other resort destinations is because you get to enjoy the nights and evenings with the people you want to spend time with. It’s a chance to get away from the high stressed environment and escape to the serenity of a beautiful desert retreat.

Local Attractions:

  • Rams Hill Golf Club offers one of the top golf experiences in the world and is the number one attraction for a golfer heading to Borrego Springs.
  • Borrego Springs Performing Arts Theater is the cultural hub of Borrego. It’s also the venue for lectures, the Community Concert series, public meetings and the Chamber’s Annual Film Festival,
  • Font’s Point, nicknamed California’s Grand Canyon is a coveted spot for photographers, especially at sunset or on full–moon nights. If you want to see view that are truly out of this world Fonts Point is a place you must see for yourself.
  • Jeep Tours – If you want to really experience the desert, you can’t just drive on a paved road and look at it through a windshield. You’ve got to climb into it, roll through it, and feel it.
  • The Borrego Badlands’ – Creased and wrinkled ridges cast bold shadows across a maze of golden hills and sand colored arroyos. As you look across this parched landscape, wrap your mind around this. The whole view was shaped by water. Fossilized seashells found in the region prove that it was once submerged under a blend of salty tropical waters from the Gulf of California and fresh water from the Colorado River. Scientists suspect this brackish sea teemed with aquatic life — home to fish, sea turtles and sharks.
  • The Night Sky – It’s also an official International Dark Sky Community — the first in California — dedicated to protecting the night sky from light pollution. Backyard stargazing parties happen almost every night.
  • Borrego Springs Community concert Series – Currently seven concerts are produced each year.
  • Galleta Meadows Sculptures Sky Art – The late Dennis Avery, land owner of Galleta Meadows Estates in Borrego Springs envisioned the idea of adding 'free standing art' to his property with original steel welded sculptures created by 'Perris Jurassic Park' owner/artist/welder Ricardo Breceda based in Temecula, California.
  • Red Earth Casino – Closest Casino to Borrego Springs – It has a 10,000 square foot casino floor with 350 slots and three table games. Red Earth Casino is located in Salton City, California and connected to a Travel Center with a restaurant and RV facilities. Open 24 hours daily. Borrego Springs Rd to County Hwy–S2239.34 miles 48 mins

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Notes & Credits: Photos and content review were provided courtesy of the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce. See for more details and information on the area: http://www.borregospringschmber.com